Hi! My name is Naomi Gattegno and I’m a photographer, journalist and writer.
I’ve been in love with photography, writing and everything creative, ever since I was a little girl. In fact I haven’t put down my pen or my camera since I was around ten years old, so this is a long and committed relationship.
The objects of my affection are those special things that catch my eye, and create a beautiful frame to shoot: people, animals and nature, but also beautiful places, cities and hideaways around the world.
This is an invitation for you to join me on a never ending journey through my eyes and my camera lens.
If you fall in love with any of the images you see or wish for me to help you capture a very special moment of your own, be sure to send me a message via WhatsApp +972-58-6742069 or email me at ng@doula.co.il, and let me know which photograph caught your eye or what special photo shoot you have in mind.

Naomi Gattegno – Photographer, Journalist & Writer
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